December 9, 2019, 5:15 am

Staying Objective in Poker

Some players and gamers attribute their winnings to what is stated in their horoscopes or to mystical signs revealed only to them by the Fates. When they encounter events, like rain, they might interpret it as either a good sign or a bad omen. When this belief prevails in the mind of a poker player, he has lost his objectivity towards the game of poker.

So how does a poker player stay objective? To stay objective, the player must first keep his feelings calm and his head clear. This means that his mind should not be cluttered with any superstitious mumbo-jumbo. He should come to the poker table prepared to exert great mental focus.

Second, the player should not be influenced by prejudices against certain games. He should remove the idea that wild games are poker games that need no semblance of skill or that no-limit games can be beaten only by pros.

Third, the player should not be irritated by any undesirable events during the game. For example, getting a bad beat or a losing/winning streak should not make him tilt. A change in the sequence of cards should not distract him. Instead of calling a misdeal, he should keep on playing.

Fourth, he should maintain a calm exterior when dealing with other players. Playing against a particularly irksome opponent should not drive him to show his temper. When another player commits an error, such as betting out of turn, he should not act like the avenging angel. That is, he should not insist on penalizing the erring player. Instead, he should show patience and benevolence. After all, the errors of opponents are his opportunities to gain more advantage.

When there is a cheater in the game, he should not feel enrage and demand that the cheater be ejected from the table. Instead, he should weigh which is more advantageous, keeping the cheater in the game or out of the game. If the cheater frequently loses, then the cheating is not doing much to the cheater’s benefit. This cheating opponent should stay. If the cheater is winning most of the time, then he should calmly reveal this to the other players.

When someone who has a reputation of being a good player wants to join the poker table, an objective player should recognize that the presence of this good player will greatly reduce his chances of winning. Thus, he must convince this good player to stay out of his game.

And lastly, to stay objective, a player must know his physical limits. If playing beyond the time limit reduces his concentration, then he should call it quits. But he should also recognize that such is also a good time to make profits out of his tired opponents.



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