December 9, 2019, 5:15 am

Amazing Poker Chip Tricks

There are plenty of poker chip tricks out there which can help you score those points in any good ol' poker game. Here's a number of them which you may want to try and each of these poker chip tricks are really proven successful. Usually, these poker chip tricks rely on good tossing skills for them to work towards your own advantage.

The twirl flick is another variation on the twirl trick. But the difference is that this only does half of the twirl. This poker trick is done by flicking the chip over your hand then off across the body until you catch with your other hand.

The bounce back poker chip trick is done by throwing your chip up in the air by using a backspin. As the chip bounced on a surface which is soft, it would eventually bounce its way back and so you will have the opportunity to catch it beside your other chips.

The lift twirl also involves good chip twirling. This is done by lifting your chip on the top of your finger, preferably the index one, and then you would need to do a twirling motion under it. As the twirl becomes complete, you should have then moved the chip already lower than its current position and back again just beside the other poker chips.

The back to front trick is also a popular poker chip trick. This actually involves switching of the poker chips' locations. It can also be done to switch just one chip. What happens here is that you move a certain chip or some chips from the back into the front position or vice versa. At first this might be a bit tricky but once you get the hang of it, it definitely can do wonders for you.

Another difficult yet really amazing poker chip trick is the butterfly. This trick is usually performed by participants in the Poker World Series. This has been done by Evelyn Ng on the said event while Antonio Esfandiari has been seen doing some variations of this type of trick. The opposite of this trick can be the pullover, as it is often seen done on television by poker players and even in poker games being played within different casinos.

The chip roll is also a pretty neat trick. What happens here is that the poker chip which you use for this trick actually loses its contact with your hands while this trick is being performed.



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